The Proprietress Profile

Driven by her love and passion for the education and preparation of young children and teens for lives lived positive impacts, she obtained a post Graduate Diploma in Education, followed soon by a master’s Degree in Education Planning and Administration.

mrs fanu

The Proprietress

Her Personal Dreams and Goals

Mrs. Segun Fanu’s dream and life purpose, honed over more than sixteen years as a teacher and counselor, is to raise leaders among the young; to make them people driven to leave their mark in the hearts of those they touch and in the world as a whole. She is committed to transforming the growing young men and women at Phoebestar Royalty Schools into people with a high sense of responsibility and a consciousness that their nation awaits them as the repairers of the breach, restorers of paths to walk in.

Mrs. Segun- Fanu believes that I Pet. 2:9 speaks to the heart of her calling and she is a core of the wisdom behind Phoebestar Royalty Schools. She sees the young children and teenagers at Phoebestar as chosen generations, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people called forth to show forth the purpose of God upon their nation and the earth in general. It is in the light of what God calls the young ones that pupils and students at Phoebetar Royalty Schools are seen, treated, taught and raised as royalty; people deliberately groomed, made ready to occupy key positions in their nations.

Excellence is at the heart of Mrs Segun-Fanu’s stewardship of Phoebestar Royalty Schools.