An array of facilities exists in the School. They will include and not limited to the following:

  1. Air conditioned classrooms, nursery, crèche
  2. State-of-the-art ICT centre including comprehensive multimedia and smart boards
  3. Library
  4. School Clinic
  5. Laboratories
  6. Several sporting facilities including the Olympic size pitch at the permanent site.
  7. Music Workshop and Cultural Arts Centre.



Transportation is available to students. It is an optional service. Buses will return to the school premises latest 7:45am



The school has a functional clinic with qualified nurses. First Aid will be available during school hours to administer basic health care to any student that is unwell during the school day. Parents are please requested to submit a comprehensive medical record of their children to the School at inception.

In the event of any epidemic outbreak, the school has adequate instruments including infrared high temperature detecting devices etc for monitoring. Also, hand sanitizers are placed in specific locations within the school for use by the staff, students and visitors. Wash hand basins with water borehole facilities are strategically located within the School.



Phoebestar Schools is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission to carry out the business of education. We have also received provisional approval from the Osun State Ministry of Education. We shall run both the British curriculum riding upon the approved National Curriculum of Education in Nigeria. We shall be strictly guided by the National Policy on Education as may be promulgated from time to time.


We have competent and qualified hands with wealth of experience in their various fields to cater, nurture, train and teach the students. Our staff are well motivated in terms of pay structure and welfare packages.

Extra measure is taken to identify and address the learning needs of each student with the help of the teachers and counselors through a daily feedback session.


All relevant textbooks, instructional and educational materials will be issued to the students by the school upon resumption for the academic year. This is subject to payment.



The uniform and sportswear will be given by the school.


Homework is viewed as a valuable activity. It is given to support and reinforce work taught in school and train students to work independently and manage their time. Parents are advised to ensure the students attempt their homework.


Activities offered include music, dance, drama, art and crafts. Others are sports, pottery, painting, paper work, clay work, etc. Indoor and outdoor venues will be used depending on the activity being offered.


Knowledge and experience gained beyond the classroom consolidates and enriches the curriculum. The expectation is that students are to attend these trips. We believe that students derive immense benefit from first-hand experience of places and events during visits.


We believe that students thrive in an environment where expectations are clear, where good behaviour and actions are positively encouraged. These expectations are based on respect, responsibility and sense of pride/ownership in work and school.

Our expectations from students are therefore:

-Be organised

-Be respectful

-Be responsible


As educators committed to the wellbeing of the students in our care, we are mindful of the fact that academic success is dependent upon all developmental needs being met. A full time counsellor is available for all students to interact with and take advice from.