Before you decide, this is what some parents have to say


“Phoebestar Royalty School Int’l school is so equipped with many facilities that help growing children academically. There are many activities that engage the pupils after their learning time, all works and no play makes jack a dull boy. Phoebestar schools have well qualified teachers that help pupils in their academic pursuits and their teachers discharge their duties at appropriate times.” Mrs. Kolawole Adetola


“Phoebestar Royalty Schools come as a first for me. The learning environment itself readily induces any child to settle to acquire knowledge. The array of staff there in as well not only teach but help in capacity building of the children; emotionally, intellectually, spiritually and socially. This preparing them to face the outside world fully capacitated and with courage. I have a full approval of this school for any child.” Mrs Toyin Kunle- Araoye


“Phoebestar Royalty Schools is “one in a million”. The school not only impacts academic knowledge in students but also helps to nurture them “spiritually”. Also, talking about the learning environment, which cannot be overemphasized, is very conducive to learners, compared to other schools I have known. The classrooms are not overcrowded, there are also competent teachers who are helping a lot to mature those children (my child especially) who has drastically changed within 3 months of her stay here. This is a place to be, I tell you. I haven’t regretted and never will.” Mrs. Dopemu Oluwakemi


“Phoebestar is a breath of fresh air, bringing a standard we have been longing for. A warm environment which draws both children and parents in, a concept which puts children first; to me, that is the ultimate.” Mrs. Olujide Ojo



Class Age Range
Crèche from 4months to 1year
Nursery I 1 and half years- 2years
Nursery II 2-3years
Reception I 3-4years
Reception II 4-5years
Primary 5 – 10years
Junior Secondary 10 – 13years
Senior Secondary 13 – 16years



0-39 Fail
40 – 44 Pass
45- 49 C-
50- 54 C
55- 59 C+
60-64 B-
65-69 B
70-74 B+
75-79 A-
80-84 A
85 above A+


Admission Process

Step 1



Pay into our Skye Bank Account

Account Name: Phoebestar Royalty Schools

Account Number: 1771629507

Amount: N5,000


Step 2



Step 3

Print and fill the form.


Step 4

Bring the completed form with your bank teller to the School for admission confirmation.