Our Mission is to provide qualitative education in a world class environment driven by contemporary technology for global competitiveness.

    “We will take care of your Child”

    On behalf of the management and staff of Phoebestar Royalty Schools, I welcome you to our comprehensive and detailed website specially built to keep you informed on the latest activities within the Phoebestar Royalty Family. Take your time to surf the site and do not hesitate to use the feedback form on the Contact Us page and we will promptly respond to whatever questions you have.
    Dns Oluwatoyin Fanu

    What We Offer


    Our experienced, dedicated and enthusiatic teachers in a warm and comforting atmosphere are committed to keep your child happy and healthy in the process at all times.


    The pursuit of our ethical principles can be found in every aspect of the childcare we provide. This encompasses the environmentally friendly nurseries we design, the staff we employ, the food we serve and the policies and procedures to which we adhere.  We have what your child need for a strong educational background.


    With great values at the center of our curricula, our highly professional teachers, well equipped facilities and very good security mechanism, you can be rest assured of a great investment in your child.


    Our mentorship oriented approach to delivering quality and world class educational service don’t just allow your children to pass both national and international exams but also help them to excellently stand out anywhere they found themselves.

    Our Latest News

    The best way to keep you abreast of our activities is to update you with those news that makes us uniquely suitable for your child